Climate Change Analysis (Monthly Rainfall) on Palembang Duku Production (Lansium domesticum Corr)

Ratih Wijayanti, Edward Saleh, Herlina Hanum, Nabila Aprianti


Climate is one of the conditions needed by plants to increase production. Climate change, especially on rainfall has a significant effect on agriculture because it has a strong dependence on the climate element. Rainfall is one of the climate factors that play a role in supporting the availability of water. Conditions in areas with high rainfall intensity can cause the loss of flowers and fruit, and if there is a long dry season it will affect flowering on plants. This study aimed to determine the effect of rainfall on L. domesticum production for 10 years (2010-2019). The study was conducted in OKU and OKI Regencies. The analytical method used is multiple linear analysis and correlation analysis. From multiple linear analysis and correlation analysis results, there was a fluctuation in the intensity of rainfall for 10 years (2010-2019). Based on the regression analysis, rainfall in June for OKU Regency had a significant effect on L. domesticum production while for OKI Regency the significance occurred in December.


Production, Schmidt Ferguson, rain fall

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